Social media dangers for your business

How Facebook can destroy your business

How Facebook is costing companies customers
October 2011

Executive Summary

Businesses today are willingly giving up control over their two greatest assets: customers and their brand identity by not understanding the business model of Facebook. The ‘Like’ button is designed for the specific purpose of increasing revenues for Facebook through gathering as many people as possible from willing accomplices. More importantly, lacking a unified and organized social media strategy puts businesses at risk of alienating customers and destroying their business’ reputation.

Social media is not an option for businesses, it is a requirement. Creating and maintaining a social media strategy is required for successful business growth and continuity. A business social media strategy addresses the potential loss of customers to competitors, the potential erosion of the brand and reputation, and the ability to proactively protect business interests when threatened by a negative and out-of-control viral message spreading throughout the Internet.

A properly executed social media process not only encourages customer retention and growth but it can be as cost effective as the business requires. Properly implemented, the social media strategy would unify the company’s marketing materials and keep a consistent and effective message in front of customers.

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